Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stream of Confluence

Dry leaves scuttle across the sidewalk past
traffic and laughter unaware
of their presence,
and mine.

Water sprinkler keeps time with cricket’s
chirp, and the ca-Caw, ca-Caw
of blackbird harmonizes
with distant horns
of a marching band.

I cannot remember the color of our high school uniforms

Chapel bells echo my past, playing
the same tune every hour–the same tune
our steadfast grandfather clock sang
and doorbell rang
in my childhood.

I cannot ignore the chimes, or the scuttle
of time, but I can refuse
to answer the door.


Dan said...

Karen, fancy meeting you here! So glad you decided to join the blogging community.

Nice poem.. sometimes we must be selective in which knocks we answer.

kheywood said...

Thanks for stopping by Dan! I have a lot of catching up to do.


Jo Janoski said...

Oh, I love this! Full of sights and sounds that squeak on the brakes and make one take pause. P.S. It was great to see you again this weekend.

Shirley said...

Hi Karen, so nice to see you here. I agree... we don't have to let it in! Nice poem.

kheywood said...

Thanks Jo and Shirley! Have we decided when and where our next get-togther will be?

Anonymous said...

Corrupted at last! So glad to see this here.

Love the horror (my mind is going!!) of this realization:

"I cannot remember the color of our high school uniforms"

Shirley said...

Well, gee, we just assumed it would be at your house next weekend. Did I miss something?

Bubba said...

Confluence, indeed... it seems to have become a major point of impact in your poetry over the last several years, and I don't know that a better thrust could have developed. Wonderful piece, kiddo... thanks for sharing it with us. Welcome back!

kheywood said...

Nan, I can't remember what I wore yesterday! Thanks for stopping by!

Shirley, you all are welcome to my home anytime, just let me know when so I can talk Louise into catering....

Bob, it was the confluence last weekend that prompted me to begin posting again, so for that, I thank you! I look forward to the comraderie of fellow writers.