Sunday, October 19, 2008


For Bob ~ I miss you, dear friend

No coffee spewing out my nose
No tears to wipe away
No words to read that no one knows
No metaphor in play

No wittiness to make me think
No chapters yet to come
Instead a vast and missing link
My empty heart is glum


Jo Janoski said...

Oh, I know! The silence is killing me. There is all this stark, brazen reality around us, and no Bob to send us on a mind trip. I wanna go tripping, man! See, it's making me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Me too... Me too. My dictionary lies idle. :(

Shirley said...

Same here. it's like the power lines are down but we've all left a light on so we'll know when it's working again! I can't shut that light off.

hfurness said...

Yeah, but all better for having met and having all of his words live on in our hearts... thanks for this.

rch said...

Hi Karen, I just wanted to say how beautifully sad this is. Thanks, and take care,


Bob said...

It's hard to know what to say when a person reads something as beautiful as this, especially when it's written about you. But, I want everyone to know that I'm feeling *so* much better... so I'm grateful to have such wonderful friends, and I love you all very much. You fill my heart with feelings that are largely unexpressable. I owe you all so much... thank you for hanging in there with me, it means the world.

I love you folks!