Monday, November 3, 2008


Not knowing if he is okay
day after day

I am all over the place now
unable to focus on any one piece -
a poem here
a critical essay there
a play that's going God knows where...

Will I ever write again
without wondering
What would he have written
about the Pigs?

Something witty, I'm sure
Why haven't they found a cure?


Jo Janoski said...

I know!I miss his comments; I miss his blog. It's awful empty and quiet around here...

Dan said...

It's painful to see "last post 4 weeks ago"

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will rewrite Animal Farm for us someday in response to these Piggies.


Word Catalyst Magazine said...

I know, I think I've read "The Last Rose of Autumn" a thousand times now. I keep checking and hoping to see a new post... or something. :(

Jo Janoski said...

Maybe he'll read this and get the hint. Hint, Hint, Hint, Hint!